Web Voice Lessons

Yes, I’m teaching lessons by web-cam! I see you and hear your singing voice the same as if you were in my vocal studio, so voice lessons over-the-web are pretty much the same. I have the opportunity to work with singers from almost every continent around the world.  I work to help them find more powerful, solid, and comfortable voices.

 The lessons are not only really effective, they are very fun and have proven successful for hundreds of students. Give it a try! Within the first few minutes you’ll  start gaining higher range and a stronger, more controlled voice.

4 thoughts on “Web Voice Lessons

  1. Brett Courtney

    I am interested in classes and your products. I have had only a few lessons (years ago) and they really didn’t help me achieve my goal – singing better! Do you accept & work with students with little or no experience or training? Are there all levels in your group class? Is it best to start with the cd’s and then work in your group class (I’m worried I would not be at same level as students in the group) or private lesson?

    1. Sing With Power Post author

      Brett, I teach every level of student, because vocal technique is primarily physical ergonomics. The principles of vocal efficiency don’t change for any of us. I work primarily on helping students find a more comfortable, controllable and strong sound. Believe me, there are people who have sung their entire lives with a big break in the middle of their voices, but they have cleverly found ways to avoid singing any songs that demand the use of those notes that crack. My students learn to deal with the root of the vocal balance issues so breaks aren’t even there. Unless a group class is named an “advanced” class, all levels will find the classes very helpful. Stay tuned to the website for upcoming classes.


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