Vibrato development and Mastering Lesson Program

PVcds copy

Mastering Vibrato

Eric has just finished an almost 2 1/2 hr vibrato development and polishing program. These lessons on vibrato will help students of every level learn to sing with a more musical, relaxed and natural sounding vibrato.

2 thoughts on “Vibrato development and Mastering Lesson Program

    1. Sing With Power Post author

      Online Students will simply sign up for a free video chat service (such as Skype) and there are free applications allowing the student to record the lesson online. Just as with the in-studio lessons, you’ll also have an up-to-date vocal workout for practice between lessons.

      I’d love to speak with you. Call Kathy in the office at 281-222-1092 or toll free at 1-866-910-7464.

      Tell Kathy I said that you read my blog and that I replied to you and said you could have a lesson at 1/2 price. If you haven’t already been there, fnd out more at


      – Eric


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