Become a Voice Teacher

The SING WITH POWER® VOICE Teacher Certification program helps both brand new teachers, as well as experienced voice teachers, become extremely effective, successful, legitimately certified teachers. The program guides teachers to give their students the technical ability to sing with terrific range, power, freedom, and control, in any style, all with “connected” voices that won’t “break” at any point in the range. Also, a major focus is studio development, helping you teach and earn more!

Eric BrunerSING WITH POWER’s® founder and Master Teacher, has spent 25yrs and tens of thousands of hours successfully training private students, vocal instructors and music groups. His highly effective teacher certification training program can help you grow a thriving, high-income producing private teaching vocal studio. He’ll do this for you, helping you build your teaching studio and to reach your teaching goals!

— Article: How to Become a Voice Teacher



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