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ericimg1My name is Eric Bruner and I’ve been a voice teacher for 30 years. I teach a singing technique that applies to every musical style, giving you the vocal freedom to sing through your entire range, high and low, loud and soft, without strain, without breaks or cracks, and no running out of air. Your singing should feel as easy as your speech.

I teach online voice lessons around the world via webcam, and I teach voice lessons in Houston, Texas and in The Woodlands, Texas. Students routinely travel from the surrounding areas (Sugarland, Katy, Conroe and Spring) to the Houston and Woodlands locations. Main website: Eric Bruner Vocal Studios

Here are just a few of the many articles and discussions you might find helpful, interesting and informative here at the blog. There are many more. I want to hear your ideas for future posts! Leave your ideas in the reply box below at the bottom of this post…

— How do I sing when I have laryngitis or am sick?

— How to stop “scooping” or reaching up to high notes.

— Is “classical” voice training best?

— How do you avoid singing through your nose?

— Is Vibrato Natural (happens on its own) or is it consciously “caused” by the singer?

— How can I do scream vocals in my singing?

— Video of vocal cords while singing (freaky!)

— Take this vocal technique quiz!

2 thoughts on “Voice Teacher, Eric Bruner — Sing With Power Vocal Studios

  1. Tim

    Not sure if my Question has been answered but, here I go. Can we separate- controlling our vocal chords- from breathing. Example, closing my vocal chords and singing softer equal better tone? Or that considered higher notes?

    1. Sing With Power Blog Post author

      The short answer… absolutely! Those teachers who say that one isn’t able to control the vocal cords without airflow do not understand the physiology. Now, that being said, one cannot phonate without the airflow. One cannot cause the vocal cords to vibrate without the airflow, but that is a separate issue. As far as the direct control over cords go, in a limited fashion they can be. Though that is the case, there is no practical application for doing so as a singer without the airflow. Your question is an interesting one and deserves a longer answer, but that is the direct answer. Thanks for the question.


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